US table tennis Uncategorized 2023: A good start!

2023: A good start!

The year has just begon, but it is already a good one! For some members it is a bit of a search to find the entrance to the hall in Diemen. But once you there, you can enjoy our beautiful game of pingpong again. The extended training session of Bettine is well received and after all the hard work that drink in ‘t Wapen van Diemen even tastes better!

The cooperation between TTV Diemen and US officially started. To celebrate, we started the season with an introductory tournament. A small variation of the US double tournament that usually takes place in January. The Kings Table with multiple partner exchanges was a succes. Apparently, Oto is the best partner you can have, as he spent most of the day on the Kings table.

But there is more, for our other (new) location the equipment is complete! With a few extra tables, ring fences and scoreboards of Heemskerk, the hall was ready just in time for our first duo-competition team to shine during their first match, which they won with 3-2!

Something with well begon is half done? If this is the case we’re going to have an amazing year!

Tonight Team 6, 8 and DUO 2 will start the competition during an away game. For Team 7, the season already started on Tuesday with, unfortunately, a 7-3 loss. They will have some room for improvement during the season. Team 1, 2, and 3 will start tomorrow in Diemen at 17.00h. So come over and cheer on our teams! Team 5 is also playing, but they will be in Enkhuizen during their first match and team 4 enjoys another week off.