US table tennis Uncategorized Farewell Party Tempo Team- 19 November 2022

Farewell Party Tempo Team- 19 November 2022

After many years the collaboration between US and Tempo Team is coming to an end. We have collected many memorable moments on the Zuidelijke Wandelweg as well as on the President Kennedylaan; eating together after the games, club championships and fun tournaments, live performances of our own members, late nights at the bar playing dice and card games, birthday parties and multiple championships. For a short trip down the memory lane we’ve collected some pictures. Even though it was hard to choose from the reportoire we have gathered over the years.

From January 1st we start a collaboration with TTV Diemen in the Wethouder F.B. Duran hall. The usual training of Bettine will move to Tuesday where she will give two training sessions of 1.5 hour, from 19.00-20.30 and 20.30-22.00 h. The competition of the first class and higher will be played here on Saturday as well. We have to say goodbye to the homemade meals on Saturday. However Het Wapen van Diemen will prepare “a meal of the day” which we can enjoy after the game.

Before that, we’re having the last home game of the season on November 19th where we will have a farewell party afterwards. Team 2, 3 and 4 will play on this day. Traditionally we end the season with a farmers cabbage stew of “the Neutjes” which will prepare us for the Farewell Karaoke party.

Come Join us on this farewell party to bring back memories, sing and dance and to close this beautiful era.